[FRAMED] Show – Episode 8 – Pratik Naik

[PRATIK NAIK] Professional High End Retouching.

Intro to Pratik

How to retouch in your photoshoot:

Planning Edit 13:00

Cleaning Layer & Healing Brush 15:20

Dodge & Burn Layers: 17:50

Difference between flow and opacity 21:48

Color Pop & Contrast: 23:20

Curves Layer 25:00

Before and After 26:27

Pratik’s Journey to Vogue, Elle & Mag Covers: 27:00

Intro to Fashion & Editorial Editing 29:23

How to Process Black & Whites with Detail 30:26

Adjustment Layers & Selective Color 33:30

Masking 36:50

Before & After 38:05

Perception of Retouching 38:20

His work has been on the cover and folds of Marie Claire, Vogue, ELLE, ZINK, Maxim and many other major magazines, but you might not know it. In our industry, the photographer has a great deal of creative work and lighting to create the photograph, but the retoucher has a huge task of finishing the art while still keeping the soul of the photograph. Pratik Naik is a high end retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work. As a retoucher, he is influenced through his classical training in fine art. His belief is based on keeping close to the original vision of the photographer, and enhancing upon it, by removing all visible flaw without leaving any traces behind, resulting in an end product that is both natural and perfect.  But what is perfect?

Today, Pratik talks about the retouching industry and inspires us to retouch only to “keep the soul” of the photograph. He also gives a pre-shoot tutorial and also shares personal post-shoot secrets of his talented trade in Photoshop.

Artist:  Pratik Naik

Website: www.solsticeretouch.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SolsticeRetouch

Twitter: @SolsticeRetouch


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