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Great news! Everything you have grown to know and love about [Framed] Network is staying the same! Free episodes, educational shows, and highlighting some of the most truly amazing artists the world has to offer.

Even better news! [Framed] Network will now have the option for all episodes to be viewable offline with our new Convenient Download options. On top of that, we are offering more content for you to feast your eyes on. This will include live interviews with some of the artists, called [FanCast], Premium Workshops, educational downloads, and a Director’s cut of each episode. This is huge!

If you want to get access to all this rad new content, we will have a number of different ways to get the goods.

Premium Fans: Want it all? Who wouldn’t? You’re in luck with our exclusive all access subscriptions you will get the whole shebang. You will get access to all streaming content, including workshops. You also get huge discounts off any downloads including Director’s Cut, and exclusive access to every private [FanCast] and access to any [FanCast] in the library.

But wait, there’s more. Want to be a part of a live filming of an episode? Yep. Mammoth sized options coming your way on that front as well.

[FanCast]: Got some questions on how they do that magic they do? Ask away! This is a live interaction with the artists themselves via video chat. From lighting and posing, to processing, and even where they shop to get their neat clothes, it’s all here.

Director’s Cuts: Can’t get enough of the episode? Extended versions of the episode will be available that shows an in-depth look at what you may have not seen in the original episodes.

Workshops: Don’t have the time or money to attend your favorite photographer’s workshop? No worries. We will be able to deliver the workshop to your computer in moments. Pull out your notepad and get ready to get some knowledge!

Convenient Downloads: Love the episode? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to watch it right now. This is an à la carte option that allows you to watch it again and again, all offline! This is perfect for the road warrior or busy professional. Enjoy your favorites from Highway 1, 30,000 ft. in the air, or wherever and whenever you choose!


Want to take advantage of having an all access pass? Click here to sign up.

For the rest of September you can lock in the price of $19.95 (for life), in October the price will increase to its regular $24.95 for new members.


Here’s how it will work

We will always have new shows and new content delivered on a regular basis.  Here’s a look at what is to come the next few months.

[Framed] Episodes
[Framed] episodes will be monthly and will continue to be free. In addition to that, we will be launching [FanCast], an interactive live chat session with the artists. This is a great opportunity to interact with the artists and hosts. You will be able to watch it Live on the Framed Network website. Weren’t able to catch the live viewing? Not a problem. We will have a downloadable link to the [FanCast] available for membership holders to view whenever they choose!

Film Episodes
Film will continue to be weekly releases for Season 2 and as before, available for free! Can’t get enough of Film? We got ya covered. With downloadable content, including behind the scenes footage, in-depth tutorials, and interviews, you will leave with a full belly of Film goodness.

The Concept
This awesome series premiers this winter and will be available weekly! Wait for it… Yep, also free. Want to see more of the process of how it was done? We have all the extra content you could want with the Director’s Cut and Educational Downloads.


Fashion Shoot Experience

Spend a few days in the beautiful Hamptons with Miss Aniela and guest star students.  Free content and premium videos coming your way!


Is your mind blown yet?
If not, think about this: Your age is the number
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6 thoughts on “New Goodness!

  1. I came here after watching the 2012 LitUp episodes on YouTube. The intro pricing states lifetime access for $24.95? This was, I assume back in October 2013 since I see no more recent comments. Is this still offered? Is streaming of episodes an extra fee as seems to be implied by last year’s comments? So very confusing. What does one get for the yearly fee assuming there’s anything recent happening here?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. I signed up for the all access pass but after the payment details, i logged in to see what can be accessed. I don’t seem to see any difference between a non-allaccesspass user versus an all access pass user.

    • Yes. The monthly price is for streaming the content. Once a member navigate to the product pages and you will be able to watch the content online. The discount will be applied if you wish to download the content.

      • Now I’m thoroughly confused. Can we just get a price list?

        Free- Streaming Episode…etc

        19.95(Until Oct) – Download Episode …etc

        Costs More – Listen to the artist and download etc

        Take out a mortgage – Talk to the artist and download etc

        • I was going to sign up to stream the workshops until I saw that they are not available to stream.

          as much as I would love to hear them all teach, I am skeptical of the production. this season of FILM seems so schizophrenic, it is hard to follow. if the workshops are produced in a similar fashion, I can’t spend the money to download them.

          we need, at the very least, a teaser of the content if we are unable to screen it via streaming.

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