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Learn To Retouch Like A Pro – Pratik Naik 2

Pratik Naik, for those who don’t know, is considered to be one of the top retouchers in the industry. With years of experience and all the accolades to go along with it. To put it lightly, he’s an authority on the matter.

And now he has a great platform for you to learn to retouch from the man himself. His new platform in partnership with Sue Bryce, is sure to give you all the tools you need to up your retouching game.

Framed: Tell us about the new series?

Pratik: The Retouching Series is my new platform. It’s what I always envisioned retouching education to be! Videos that are to-the-point and divided by sections so they can learn what they want and apply it right away! It’s explained in a very easy way so people can understand it. It’s meant for all experience levels, so even beginners can jump in at the fundamentals section that gets them up to speed with what they need to know. Then it gets advanced with topic-based tutorials. With more to come, things will get even more advanced and detailed to cover every gamut.

Framed: How does this compare to other education series you’ve done in the past?

Pratik: This is more than just a video, but an entire platform. It will grow over time with new content, based upon the questions the community has. So it’s ever evolving! Even cooler, people can submit their own images. It’s be far the most thought out series I’ve done, and one I am really proud of!

The Retouching Series with Pratik Naik

Framed: What types of techniques will you cover?

Pratik: Everything related to people, any problem photographers typically face in the real world. For instance, I have a lesson just on how to fix armpits. It’s not pretty, but it’s necessary. Or adding eyelashes or filling in roots of hair. It’s just infinite in possibility on what I cover.

Framed: If I’m a beginner, is this for me?

Pratik: Oh yes, as mentioned there’s a fundamentals section to get people up to speed. If there’s anything people would like to see more of, I will be working to add it in! And I explain it really calmly so people can see they can do this. I want to make retouching accessible to everyone. I believe anyone can really do this with enough practice and the right education!

Framed: What are the continued tutorials?

Pratik: Every item in the series is going to be continued, with more content, expanding on the same topics and new ones as well. For instance, at the time of this message I just finished recording a module specifically on hair, it goes into depth about the different issues with hair.

I’m excited to help people, I really enjoy seeing people overcome their hurdles!

I wrote about it in detail for people to see what else makes this series really unique here: http://retouchist.net/blog-1/the-retouching-series


Photos by Sue Bryce


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