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Forgotten Titans – A Diorama by Felix Alejandro Hernández Rodríguez 1

Wow. What else can we say about this incredible diorama created and photographed by Felix. The amount of detail and painstaking attention to creating this scene all come together to create this piece of art. Talk about photo-making at the next level!

Forgotten Titans - Feliz Alejandro Hernandez Rodriguez

X-Wing Blue One / Forgotten TItans

“With every new project I learn and discover new things. I’m still trying to find the perfect materials and techniques to represent different kind of landscapes… “Sand” is one of the hardest, which of course depends on the scale of your models; The smallest the model, the harder to recreate the scene. Selecting the right materials will depend on if you are doing a permanent diorama (which in many cases would be the best way to go) or if it’s just done for a production without “compromising” the scale model… Anyway, so many things to consider, but for sure there is no better way of mastering your craft than practicing and trying new things.

X-Wing Blue / Forgotten Titans was built and painted at my studio. Diorama was made using simple materials (mix of fine grain sands, clay, water, etc). Shot with a 4 light setup / Canon Lens and Camera / Post: BG and color grading in PS and Nik.

Forgotten Titans is my new series for Wonderfactory… an amazing project, collective of talented toy photographers which will be launch soon.”

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video here: https://youtu.be/2Nc3FSuPAF8

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