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“JESSICA” 3 Light Soft Beauty

This week Joel brings Jessica Mion¬†back in to demonstrate a 3 light setup to accentuates a soft beauty lighting configuration. Using different modifiers can vastly alter the outcome of a photograph. Joel makes the differences incredibly easy to notice with side by side comparisons of a beauty dish to a Westcott¬†5 ft Octobox, as well as a simple white foam core board vs. a black bounce. Bottom line- modifiers can define your style of work very easily. Experiment with your modifiers and discover your unique style! Check out the awesomeness in this week’s LitUp!






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14 thoughts on “Episode 7

  1. Joel I love the fact that you encourage people and myself to use what we have. I feel sometimes yes I do need all what you have but it keeps my head up and gives me motivation to work with what I have. Thank you for that!

  2. Thank you Joel. I kinda thought you were using Rallyrightstuff just from looking at the videos. I wanted to make sure.
    Thanks for all the great info on your style of lighting.

  3. I have been following tutorial from Joel on youtube and on his blog for years. ”The bigger the light source the softer the light” as helped me tremendously given that i’m not that much of a technical photographer. He is all about understanding the light and creating with various light source. Lit Up is my wednesday rendez-vous. Love it! Question: I have a 60D so not a full frame and am shooting with a 50mm 1.8. I love what I have been able to achieve with it. But what is the best budget lens Joel would recommend for creative portrait and fashion? (taking in consideration that I mainly use a 2D lighting effect (with beauty dish or 7′ parabolic main light) and have a reflector to kick back some light to compensate for the third light)

    What is Joel favorite go to lens?

    Clo from Isaac&Clo studio

  4. Can Joel give us the name of the ball head he uses on that tripod? And the “L” quick-release plate, too.
    I like the way he handles the camera with the combination of those two.
    Maybe put them up on the bulletin board?
    Thanks! Great show. Lots of good info.

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