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[Ryan Brenizer] The Brenizer Method.

Can you imagine somebody coining a method after you?

It’s called “The Brenizer Method” and we’re going to learn from the talented photojournalist turned wedding photojournalist. From taking photos of everyone from Muhammad Ali to President Obama, Ryan Brenizer teaches us the importance of capturing a great story.

Brenizer puts it best…

“Photography has filled me with purpose and joy, and taken me places I never thought I’d go. I have covered three U.S. presidents, been blessed by the Pope, and been stared down by Muhammad Ali. I’ve shared a laugh with Smokey Robinson, and had a picture I took of him used when he received a lifetime achievement award. I’ve photographed a 110-year-old woman as she told me what it was like to climb onto the torch of the Statue of Liberty. I was chosen as the only independent photographer allowed near Obama and McCain in their last meeting before the 2008 election. I’m the only photographer in the world to have been officially represented by the three largest photographic retailers in the Western hemipshere. Heck, I’ve even had a photographic technique named after me (which is crazy).”

Photographer: Ryan Brenizer

Website: ryanbrenizer.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ryanbrenizerphotography

Twitter: @RyanBrenizer



Tony Anderson

Jayde Jones

Assistant Producers:

Dylan Howel & Sara Byrne of SarakByrne.com


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12 thoughts on “[FRAMED] -Episode 14

  1. Loved this vid. It’s always appreciated for an established photographer to show off a “signature” shooting technique. I’ve followed his work for a short while, so it’s great to see him getting [F]’d!

  2. I would love to learn more about how he does his composite images with flash and how its post-processed to be an image with multiple flash points.

  3. great episode, very talented photographer. 70 weddings a year holy crap. this guy has his stuff together. Could only hope to be that successful someday!

  4. I posted a photo I took earlier this summer but it was really hard on my computer to process. I am curious to know a little more about his post and how he handles such huge files.

  5. Awesome episode! I would like to hear more about his post prosessing workflow and how he shoots weddings. Like, does he use several cameras so he doesn’t have to change lens so often?

    And also, Melissa looks so good! 😀

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