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This is Episode 1 of Film Season 2. We are introduced to the five hosts or “characters” as they get situated in their new home. Plus we get to know their portfolio and personalities and what’s to come for Film Season 2.


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  2. I just wanted to say that since watching all you guys in the Film show house , I have felt a burning desire to start using film. You guys are truly inspirational, and regardless of any unnecessary negative YouTube comments, the truth is it has been a real privilege to follow the journy of 5 obviously talented photographers who have taught me so many new things about film.

    Thank you for an inspirational series and I do so hope there is a series 3, ( can it be kibdly confirmed if this is the case.

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  4. Ryan, your voice is endearing, and authentic. I think your always choking back your emotions, to some extent, and that’s how you should sound.

    You should be careful when talking tech. When you explained the difference between TX and T-grain films as, TX grain is round, and Tmax grain is T grain, I blew coffee out of my nose. Once upon a time, silver halide crystals were randomly dispersed throughout an emulsion, the smaller crystals being less sensitive to light, and the larger ones more sensitive. A good mix of crystal sizes gave a film latitude, or, the ability to produce good results over a wide range of exposure conditions. TX was among these random, or K-grain films. Over time, researchers learned to control crystal growth, leading to a new generation of CCG (controlled crystal growth) films, like Tmax. Kodak’s name for these films is Tabular Grain, or T-grain. In the intervening years since CCG film technology emerged, TX was re formulated (twice) to take advantage of this technology, and others. TX, like all top tier films, contains a mix of random, and CCG crystals, with that balance shifting ever towards the CCG crystals. TX engineers have done a great job of incorporating the latest technology, while maintaining the legendary character of what might be the world’s favorite B&W film, but make no mistake, the TX you’re using is not the same film the past masters used. And I don’t think you’re giving TMY it’s due. TMY is the most technologically advanced B&W film ever made, and represents the culmination of the hopes and dreams of photographers since the dawn of the medium. You might think I’m laying it on a bit thick, but consider the following: TMY is easily the sharpest 400 speed film ever made, and sharper than most random grain 100 speed films. In some alchemical miracle, the same is true of grain. TMY is as fine grained as the late, great Plus X, a 125 speed film. We get all this while also getting a real world 400 speed, a straight line characteristic curve ideal for scanning, and excellent latitude. Since you shoot any Kodak film you want, and get it processed for free, you owe it to yourself to get to know this film.

  5. I am so flippin’ excited! I have only recently delved into film (largely due to this show) and I haven’t even gotten my first scans back from Indie Film Lab yet but more than the film aspect, this show has really helped me find my voice as an artist and realize that being like everyone else will never make me as happy as being myself. 🙂 You guys rock!

  6. Hell yeah, I’m so excited and happy that film season 2 started today. WoOoHhoo!!

    Loved this intro episode. It’s a great episode to start the season.
    Say hurray for a great mood every friday from now on, and till the last episode.

  7. You are all the reason why I pursued my dream with film, please take the negative with a grain on salt and don’t ever change. Thank you to the framed network, and every one that makes this show possible.

  8. Oh those Youtube commenters! I’m certain that they’re highly outnumbered by a pile of kind, level-headed people that don’t comment.

    You’re giving us something insightful, entertaining, and educational – for free! Can’t see much worthy of complaint.

    So stoked to learn more.

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