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  3. yep it did jump to $79 and they just pulled all the workshops from the streaming. Feel like a bit of a mug for buying an “All Access Pass” I will be cancelling that immediately.

    • We have lots of great premium content on its way 🙂 Film is only a small part of the network and future content. We will have a schedule of upcoming content on the site soon so you know what is airing in the months to come. I’m glad you enjoy the streaming, and there is plenty to come.

  4. For me it has been a great episode. Tanja and Jan are two of my favourite photographers, and I love what they do, how they get these amazing images, each one in her personal style. I also like Tia, Ryan and Jonas, but… what can I say? I would like to shoot as Tanja. I’m learning.Yes, with my personal style. But I don’t care if some day I grow up converted in Tanja as a man. That’s specially important aspect to conserve hahaha!!
    Please, excuse my english. That’s the second thing I must improve.

  5. I don’t understand how there can be so much criticism on the production and on the hosts. Here on the site and on youtube.

    What amazing producers and photographers these commenters must be!

    I’m getting so much motivation and inspiration to shoot from watching this. I’m just happy I get to see this! And it’s free content!!!

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing.

  6. Tanja was great with the car owners, and clearly made them feel appreciated, and not just props.

    Does Tia really need to keep pretending to be a photographer? It’s awkward and embarrassing, and unfair to her. Let her do what she does, with confidence.

    Can we officially dub this the clusterfuck season? Can we look forward to lots more photos of photographers photographing other photographers with photographers in the background? Holy shit. And given the inevitable utility of the RV as a backdrop, maybe you should have used one without the distracting paint scheme?

    Ok, you have a model styled as Marilyn, and a toy camera that shoots 8 panels simultaneously, and not even a mention of Warhol?

    Jonas, it’s not easy to take these shoots seriously — I get it, and I feel for you. On one hand I see your toy perspective shots as a commentary on the superficiality of it all, but on the other hand, that tilt gimmick is played. I know you’re expected to play along to some extent, but Ryan and Jan found a way out of the prescribed shoot, and not surprisingly, made the most interesting images. Maybe they cheated, but they found something that inspired them within the constraints of the location and available resources. You talk a lot about being true to yourself, and working honestly, but this looks more like you struggling to find a way to conform. My advice, for what it’s worth, is to stop trying to apply your “vision”, as if its a PS plug in, to the shoot, and don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself as a photographer, every day. However it feels, there’s virtually no pressure to produce excellent work here, except the pressure you impose on yourself to protect your professional reputation. But your viewers are not your clients, and almost certainly care more about your on screen persona than any images you produce. Relax, lighten up, and find a way to enjoy this circus.

    • I think the photos were in there, they just were not “labeled” that they were the lomo shots. Mine were obvious because they had 8 frames, but the other hosts were not as obvious because their cameras produced what would look like a more normal 35mm or 120 shot and therefore you couldn’t tell. However, if you look at the images more closely, you can probably tell the difference! Also, I agree that it should have been highlighted more.

  7. Ok, Here goes

    1. (very) wee bit of lip synching issues
    2. Tender-hearted/respectful toward the car dudes
    3. Jonas: humble/Nimble with reflexive solutions (be myself). 50’s appeal
    4. Music: peaceful yet forlorn
    5. Jan: blossoming with documentarian goodness (honest yet creatively bold)
    6. Ryan: such close-up boldness
    7. Tanja: Those through-the-car-frame close-ups!
    8. Tia: More!
    9. Lomo: such a big into with little to no follow-up 🙁
    10. Better than the last episode (I hate critiquing)

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