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The Old Penitentiary

Constructed in 1870, the Old Idaho State Penitentiary plays host to this weeks eery shoot. The state prison was in use up until the 70’s, and has a whole slew of creepy tales and legends surrounding it. On top of such a ghostly location,Β Ryan, Tanja, and Jan are fortunate enough to have two amazing models, and the styling of Tia Reagan. Prepare be blown away with the visual artistry this episode produces.


Rachel Niu

Jennifer Sullins

Assistant Producers:

Tara Pugmire

Emily Flint

Assistant Videographers:

Nate Perkes

Ben Jacobsen

Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music



32 thoughts on “FILM -Episode 15

  1. I’m not even done watching and my jaw is worn out from wearing an expression of astonishment and wonderment. What a setting, what a selection of models and styling, and what talented, beautiful souls you all are. It just gets better.

    Ryan’s made a lot of lovely photos, but the Polaroids with Jennifer are truly something special.

  2. The thing I love the most about the Film series is that its not really about film as much as it is about the philosophy of shooting. I haven’t shot film in years although I still own all my film gear, but the things you guys discuss and observe is SO applicable to photography in general that it doesn’t matter what medium you use to capture your images.

    This series is easily the most inspiring set of videos I’ve ever had the privilage to witness. Thank you all sooo much. The only way this could be better is for me to be standing beside you guys while you shoot.

  3. It’s really sad that it is almost impossible to watch the shows now. The loading is hardly working at all. I have to start, pause and wait for the loading. If I’m lucky then it’s possible to watch, but a lot of times it is like it goes back to the start, ends just in the middle of the show or the menue bar simply disappears. Is it possible to fix this?

  4. Absolutely fantastic episode…. awesome location, styling and models. The images were out of this world. Well done everyone. I’m going to miss you all now that we’ve reached the end of the season….. what will I do without your zany adventures??? Sniff sniff

  5. I tend to have a bias towards Jan’s work because I’ve followed him the longest, but Ryan and Tanja both came out with some brilliant frames of Jennifer.

    One thing that interested me was that there were few images that really let me take in the environment like the video shots did. Perhaps because it was cramped and nobody had brought anything wider than a 35.. πŸ˜‰ Yes the models were beautiful in all of those close-ups, but with a location like this one, I think I would have given it a little more attention.

    I really liked what Jan said about being wary of your enthusiasm. Sometimes you’re so excited about the light/models/etc that you stop paying close attention to details and your photos get sloppy. He is always a very cool dude. πŸ™‚

    I still can’t get over the fact that I’m able to watch these amazing artists and models working in real life. I was wondering at first whether it would ruin the magic and mystery that the photographs carry, but I don’t think it does. I really appreciate the effort of everyone responsible for putting these episodes together.

  6. Brilliant BRILLIANT videography and post! Outstandingly perfect choice of models for this episode. I have often felt the same as Tanja… so many creative shots in your head and just can’t get ’em all in the lens, especially in a time crunch.

  7. Eerily poetic…each of the photographers and models delivered remarkable photographs, poignant and full of emotion. With every succeeding episode one can appreciate the quality of work of each artist. Though I am a digital photographer, each image from this episode stokes the fires of inspiration and wanting to emulate this kind of quality. Once again Framednetwork delivers! Thank you!

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