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Continuous Light

Today we are in the gorgeous Linen Building in downtown Boise. This iconic building to the Boise area has been remodeled and provides an amazing setting for today’s shoot.
Last week the group showed you some amazing studio lighting with strobes, and now they dial it back with some continuous lighting. The gorgeous Sara Byrne dives in from assistant producer position to wearing a tutu and getting in front of the camera. We get to see Tia breakthrough her discomfort of shooting after not shooting a big shoot in a long time. It is a true catharsis for the multi-talented stylist.

Kelsey Anderson

Sara Byrne

Cassandra Hayes

Assistant Producers:
Ben Jacobsen

Dylan Howell

Sara K Byrne

Nena Earl

Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music



43 thoughts on “FILM -Episode 14

  1. This episode could have been 1/10th the length without all the self-indulgent drama. Better editing please. Is this a show about photography or psychotherapy?

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Ryan on how you found photography, it very much resonated with me as my situation was very simular. Having a lomg term debilitating illness I too was in a very dark place but now photography also saved my life and continues to help keep my head above the water. You guys are truly inspirational and its good to know that my passion towards photography is not a sign of madness but just a on theme among photographer who chose to push themselves to make the very best art possible. Jf

  3. just discovered this show a day ago and watched all episodes so far…
    and i have to tell i just love it!!!!
    great, inspiring videos!
    best wishes from germany:)

  4. I discovered this show on YouTube by chance last week and quickly became a fan. I spent my Saturday morning catching up on what was available on YouTube followed by what was posted on this site. I like the variety of topics discussed and the three of you certainly play well off each other (Ryan and Tanja in the vineyard wedding photo shoot – now that was some quality TV:). I have to say that my favorite episodes so far have been some of your earlier ones – the “Big White”, the multiple formats shoot in the country with the tree assignments and even the very first one with the cliff notes on photography. These were episodes that I learned something from – whether camera formats, alternative photographic processes or the use of light in a range of situations which let’s face it is the most critical aspect in photography:). The print lab episode was fun as well! You guys did a shoot, talked about techniques and then we saw results – perfect and informative. But lately I have seen mostly ‘silent’ mode shoots with little if any explanation of what is going on. We see Jan move around silently taking some fantastic pictures but little is said on how he managed to achieve this great ‘glow’ on the models’ faces, how are you hitting the highs and lows…Maybe it is just my beginners’ level but I am really interested in improving my film photography and you guys are the only good film specific show out there. I learned more about natural light in one episode than three workshops that I have attended in the past:) ..I love you guys but please bring back the engagement, bring back some students like the guys you had in episode 2 (The barn). Make this educational, interactive, and yes still unconventional:)…And keep up the good work! I am sure there are many more seasons to come…PS. Would love to see an episode dedicated to Polaroid/Fuji/Impossible or street photography…Also there is a whole movement out there of people building or modifying film cameras that might be of interest. Lastly pinholes are fun too:) Just some random thoughts:)

  5. This episode not only has the least fluff and the most poignant insight into the restlessness and insecurities of creative minds, but it also produced some of the most consistently outstanding photography. I almost always prefer Jan’s work, but in this episode everyone else (yes Tia, including you!) steps it up to another level and creates breathtaking images. In fact, the images shown in this episode are of such a high level I could see a book being made just from this one day of shooting. I’ll definitely be watching this again.

    A note to Tia: Thanks for laying it all out there and putting your fear and courage out there for all to see. The artistry and accomplishment you bring to styling carries through to the results every time you take a deep breath, face your fears, and pick up the camera. You may not think of yourself as a photographer, but I doubt one tenth of all the photographers out there could work with models as well as you do and get such fine results.

  6. in some way this is a very powerful episode. the emotional connections of the hosts with their guests and models and the viewer(me) is always there and relatable. Ryan, i admire you more and more.

  7. Thank you so much for your honesty and genuine passion. I know there have been a lot of comments about inspiration, but truly you have inspired me to not be afraid of my camera anymore. I’m going to pick it up and start doing what I LOVE! Please, Please keep these episodes coming!

  8. Thanks for being so transparent and genuine! No words can express to you all how inspiring you are. Your words and images continue to push myself to new limits. This episode couldn’t have come at a better time for me…been feeling “stuck” lately and struggling to find my voice and purpose. Thanks again…i hope i have the opportunity to meet and shoot with you one day!

  9. After seeing this episode and hearing the musea interview with Ryan, I can now say that I found my favorite photographer.
    Cudos also to everybody involved in front of the camera and behind the scenes, amazing work and passion, best web series EVER!

  10. I think that this may be my favorite episode. Not because of the lessons learned, but for the conversation that Ryan was having with us at about the 24 minute mark. I know how cameras work. I know how to expose for what I want. What I don’t ever really do is talk with other photographers about why they do what they do or what it means to them. It is really fascinating.

    The photos are great all around, but this is the first time that I really appreciated the “chair tent”.

    This episode seemed like a season finale…tell me that there will be more.

  11. Thanks for the emotional roller coaster ride!! 🙂 Stunning images, gorgeous models, make-up, hair, clothing, all were just perfect!! Inspiring, pushing me more in the direction I want to go. Thank you!!

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