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Ron Contarsy in the Studio
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FILM -Episode 13 60

Ron Contarsy in the Studio

This week, Tanja, Tia, and Ryan learn all about fashion studio shooting and studio strobe photography from fashion photographer Ron Contarsy. Ron’s work has graced the cover of Vogue Spain, FHM, Blush, and many others. This will be a huge change of pace for the trio of natural light shooters. Between one of Tia’s model’s making here photoshoot premiere, and the huge contrast in shooting styles, it will be an interesting episode!

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20 thoughts on “FILM -Episode 13

  1. Oh, and speaking of “auspicious,” the timing was intriguing for me, as I shot film in my studio for the first time with a Mamiya 645 Pro TL last Sunday. And the day after my film came back, with pleasing results, I decided to check in and see what was going on with the new Film episode. Next time I’m using my RB67, too!

  2. Loved this episode, even though I’m not a big fan of the type of images Ron is known for. What it really showed me is what a talented artist Tia is, especially with all the different looks she put together for Taylor, but also the way she directed her. I have no doubt that if Tia could just learn to use a flash meter and set the right f-stop in her camera she would be a top-notch studio photographer if that’s what she wanted to do.

    Taylor was a stunning model, too. I bet she’s already found work on the basis of this auspicious debut.

  3. In response to Malgosia- I am so sorry you have pulled that from watching the show. It’s actually quite the opposite. Tia and I were asked who in the whole world of photographers do we respect and admire and want to have come participate in the show. Of coarse, our first pick would have been the master Paulo Roversi….haha….but, we actually requested to bring Ron on the show because we VERY MUCH respect and admire his work in fashion and especially his use of studio flash lighting. We were well versed and respect how Ron works, which is why we wanted him to come teach us. When I was 16 years old, I modeled for Ron and Tia has done hair and makeup for him over the years, so we really understand and respect how he works or we would have never asked him to be a part of our show. Ron has definitely inspired me to put more efforts into playing with flash (which admittedly, is just not in my comfort zone YET!!!)

  4. At the beginning of the series I admired T&T’s quirkiness, especially engaging with more quiet Ryan. It saddens me to see that they seem to have no respect for others work environment and style. It really comes out in episodes with Ron – last time I actually felt embarassed for them. I hope this is just creative reality editing 😛

  5. Great episode! I’ve never done any studio work before but this really got me inspired. Just one little thing: I think the “gear bag” on this site is just plain wrong for the current episode 😉

  6. My favorite episode from framednetwork ever! Full of positive energy, everybody was completely engaged, working like a fine Swiss Watch. This one bears many views. Everyone did superb work, but of course, Ron was the star of the episode. I would like to see more of him on Film doing what he does best. Thank you for a generously instructive session. Framednetwork and the crew of Film rock!

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