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Jan Scholz is back and he has brought some of his large format magic. This week he busts out his large format camera in the breathtaking Swan Falls canyon with Miss Idaho Teen USA Kim Layne. Big flowy dress, whipping winds, and Jan behind the lens.

Due to the not-so-pleasantly warm spring in Idaho, much of the opening interview had to be filmed inside the RV, making for a tight squeeze as Tia styles up the model.


Kim Layne

Assistant Producers:

Jeff Carter

Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music


25 thoughts on “Episode 11

  1. Seriously?!!? Absolutely amazing!! This show gets better and better with each episode. That’s difficult considering they are ALL amazing! I can’t think of a better show on the web for not only film photography, but photography in general. I think I’m going to move out west just to have the slim chance of running into these guys 🙂

  2. Love the episodes with Jan! He is inspirational as an artist and also seems to be such a mellow, kind person. I learned photography shooting film, but have been addicted to the “instant gratification” of digital for a while. I may want to try film again!

  3. I have yet to watch this episode. My wife and I have to to both be free to sit down and watch it together. I am excited to see portrait work with a large format. Last semester, I had a large format class, and it was awesome. We shot black and white and processed our own film. We shot still life’s and worked with lighting techniques.

  4. Great episode. Thank you very much. Again, your model was a trooper. You might have to shift your season of episodes so that you can film at a more comfortable time in the off-season. 😉

  5. Tia @ 1:54 — LOL! SO TRUE!!

    Jan @ 13:15-13:44 — ROTFLMAO!!! 😀

    STUNNING!!! My guess is that if there were no wind, you certainly would have wished for it anyway on this gorgeous canyon rim. 🙂

  6. “All Film was provided by Fujifilm” – didn’t know they supply Kodak Portra stock as well 😉
    Anyway: Finally another great episode – I love the ones most where I can actually learn some stuff as well instead of just watching you do a shoot like the last one was (which was fine as well and entertaining, but not as instructive as, say, the first few episodes which were nothing short of brilliant). Keep up the great work – looking forward to the next episodes and greetings from a film-only photographer 😉

  7. Another awesome episode you guys. Quick question for Jan – if you were shooting fuji film, how come it says kodak portra on the side of the images? Is that an effect that was added digitally in post?

  8. Another fabulous, entertaining and informative episode. I can’t watch any other photographic presenters anymore; they are mostly dull in comparison. Keep up the great work!

  9. Oh my gracious, I forgot how cold it was!!!!! Jan did a fabulous job explaining his work before he hit the bitter wind. Thank you Jan and beautiful Kim for sticking it out! And I can’t wait for more episodes with you Mr. Scholz! And thank you Layne Boyle for a beautiful edit with beautiful music. P.S. You film boys went way too close to that edge! 🙂

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