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T&T “The Students” with Ron Contarsy

Desert. Sand. Designer wardrobe. Gorgeous model. This week Tanja and Tia have the ingredients for a amazing shoot of epic proportions. With world renowned  fashion photographer Ron Contarsy leading the way, T&T are set for a great experience. Ron has been in the fashion photography industry for over 35 years, and graced the covers of FHM, Vogue, Blush, and many others.
This week Ron sets up a shoot out at Bruneau Sand Dunes in Southern Idaho. The setting is an early morning shoot in the desert with the beautiful Rachel Niu. Everything has been prepped to the 9’s, and group sets in on one of the longest shooting days of the season.  Weeks of planning should make for a good smooth sailing shoot, but what Ron finds is that all doesn’t quite go as planned.


Rachel Niu

Wardrobe Stylist:

Erin O’Keefe

Hair/Makeup artist:

Emi Koizumi

Assistant to Erin O’Keefe:

Eliza Spear

Assistant Producers:

Ali Smith

Nena Earl

Nate Perkes

Equipment Provided by:

Craig Lamere

Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music


23 thoughts on “Episode 10

  1. Would be Nice to have Less commentary about the people and more information about shooting and see how the photographer talks to the model controls the light! Believe me I absolutely love the shows you guys do. But I see that on most of them, Its just people commenting about each other, More background stuff than Photography. Wish If it was more informative, Still fun though!

    Thank you again for the effort!

  2. It was a nice episode. I’m not sure if I learned much from it as far as studio lighting on location is concerned. However, what I’ll take away from the episode is to always have a checklist for my checklist before driving off to my on-location shoots – lest I forget anything.

  3. Another wonderful episode, I’m really enjoying this series. Obviously there was some underlying tension running throughout the whole day and it was interesting how a large production shoot takes shape. But, but ….. after all the drama, I still preferred Jan Scholz’s work from the previous weeks show. It just goes to show, for really stunning images, it is ok to leave the generator at home.

  4. Great episode, if you are an experienced shooter there was a lot to glean but if you are a novice maybe more question would arise. I like Ron’s enthusiasm, he is used to working with professionals and was probably taken back by what he thought should have been a organized crew. I really like the work you all are trying to do but the whining is kind of getting old. If a little skinny model can get out in the cold so can you. Personally I would like to hear more about why you choose certain film/camera over the other. Tell my why you chose the camera, and why you chose to shoot with “Fugi xxx film”, other than they are a sponsor. Get rid of the chair!

  5. I hate to do this, I’m a big fan of Film and Framed network, but this episode just didn’t keep up with all the other great stuff you guys put out. Why? First of all there was nothing for the first 15 minutes, only a lot of repeating yourself about how gear was missing, I got that from the first minute, let’s move on, take some pictures… but no, I had to watch Ron yelling and everyone seemingly stressed out, it made me stressed out!

    Then as the shooting began, I learned some stuff, got inspired, but it was such a drag! A lot of clips of him shooting while I couldn’t make out what he said most of the time because of the bad audio.

    And that tip that Ryan had, was that a joke or not? I couldn’t tell. I hope no one does that because it will ruin your film. I found it very odd that you never told us it’s a joke. And for me, and I might be way off but, it added to the whole feeling of this shoot just being one big mess where Ron was the boss and everyone else was a bit grumpy and restless.

    And lastly: where are the male models? I know you have no obligation when it comes to which models to use, but it’d be great to learn a bit about male models as well, and how to shoot people who aren’t drop-dead gorgeous as well, because that’s the really difficult part.

    To end with something positive though, and related to models: thanks for letting the models speak, giving them a voice. A lot of these photography videos treat models as an object, they shoot them and you never get to hear their voice or anything. But I find Film to have been great with this, letting the models speak. Thank you.

  6. Having met Ron, I can speak firsthand on how abrasive and in-your-face he can be. Which is so polar opposite of myself and many others. That being said, the man can create absolutely gorgeous images. And he knows what he’s doing.

  7. Loved the episode. Ron is a professional and certainly made a good point about being organized with the logistics of a production. He was a strong director but you can tell that he has a humorous side too and as a professional seemed to be firm but respectful of the rest of the team. The location, model, wardrobe, makeup, and the overcast sky were the perfect combination for these images. The wardrobe palette was perfect for Rachel. She was quite the trooper and helped create some magnificent results. How is she related to Melissa?

  8. Bravo Gang. Nice episode. Ron’s work methods contrast so heavily with the way you guys normally roll. That interaction between attitudes really seemed a bit tense, even distasteful at times for Ryan. even so, the results are glorious and showed Rachel at her absolute best. I realized in watching this episode that because my work style more closely resembles Ron’s is the exact reason why I am so drawn to studying the way you three work in each new episode. It intrigues in it’s honest simplicity and teaches about the beauty of simplicity. Cheers. Albert

  9. Film..check…. generator…che…..wait where’s the generator LOL! He was a trip, I was hoping he’d go a little more in depth on how to meter film and strobe especially with Fuji 400H. I shoot lots of Kodak Portra and Ektar, and its pretty much 1/2 stop to 1 stop over with metering. With Fuji I’ve metered the same way with strobe and mixed light and it came out kinda rough.

  10. What a Great episode ,The images of Rachel are Awsome Rons Technique shows that with one Light & Reflectors you can make your Model pop ,The Vision he has for composition shows through strongly as does his ethics for maintaing his shoot & what he wants to achieve .The last shot was inspriational the styling for the shoot was spot on great colour palette incorporated with the Location Fantastic!!!,It would have been good to know why he rated the film at 320 ISO instead of 400? & a Great Tip Shoot Landscape you can always crop a Vertical From it! Well done & thanks for a great show.

  11. Interesting to shoot like that, I’m with T&T though, Lugging all that gear around would be a pain. Ryan’s 120 Tip was like “What The?” I was wanting to see if there was any more to the Jape or not.

  12. A fascinating episode. Ron Contarsy is a powerhouse. Logistics are very important to his success, though he adapts to prevailing conditions. He did not really teach much about how he balances flash and available light. What he did with Rachel was stunning, and in terms of being part of an audience I found him entertaining. Without a doubt film has a distinct look, no matter how much digital attempts to clone it. Except for the cost and the wait for results it would be my first choice. Can’t wait to see the next episode. Thanks!

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