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Creative direction can so easily make or break a shoot, that it is often never a variable for an artist. This week Ryan and Tanja direct a newly wed couple into posing how they want. Styling runs drastically behind schedule, leaving the photographers antsy to shoot. The cold weather and blistering winds make tensions even higher and uncomfortable. When Tanja challenges Ryan to direct in her fashion, which becomes frustrating because of the immense difference in styles.

Assistant Producer:

Anna Marshall

Ashley Wall

Nicole Klinger


Ste. Chapelle Winery

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music


10 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. Great episode. It was wonderful to see the two types of capturing moments and how they differ and what makes each special. I think Ryan is like most photographers, so I really appreciate seeing him push his own envelope. Great job!

  2. Best episode. Choked me up there for a while. I felt I could put myself right there in Ryan shoes at that moment. I don’t have that confidence in myself to do what Tanja can do, but I look up to her for-it. I don’t think she was a being a bully at all. I love what I took away from this one guys. Thanks

  3. Another great episode! Not just a great challenge for Ryan, and for the audience to learn from, as well, but what a great showcase for Tia’s styling work! And one more thing, Tia… you are the voice of reason! Love you!! 🙂

  4. Was this an intervention episode, was sort of uncomfortable. I think the message of this episode was, I know you dont see the world like me but we can fix that. It would have been interesting to see how Ryan would have worked through the situation without the interuptions. I think the shot he did get, did show emotion dispite the mood. You all put out some great information, and are great artist in you own right.

  5. The point I was trying to drill home was that “showing” instead of using words is much quicker and more effective than just using your words to get them to do what you want. Not trying to turn anyone into me, I assure you! :0)

  6. I agree with Lea, this was uncomfortable to watch .Tia nailed when she said Tanja can come across as a bully, that is exactly what I was thinking the whole time. I was so looking forward to this episode but it felt like the entire show was Ryan feeling bad for something that wasn’t his fault and Tanja justifying her behavior.

  7. I agree with Lea. Tanja has an incredible amount of skills to teach. But I can tell you that after photographing weddings for the last 23 years professionally if I was to grab a Bride like she did or lay on a groom trying to show a bride what I want her to do I could of very possibly got the CRAP beat out of me. As men photographers we do have to use words more than women do. Women can snuggle up to women and men but guys can’t do that. Ryan you held your own and you walked away with knowledge and that is the key to a true Professional.

  8. Kudos, Ryan! I know Tanja was just trying to teach him, but it really seemed like she was trying to teach him how to be her, rather than teaching him a skill he could use while being true to himself.

  9. I really love the fact that you are not afraid to show you weaknesses. The show is so inspiring. I’m shooting a wedding in 2 weeks and I’m going to try some film for the first time for a wedding ( shooting digital also, just in case) and this episode has helped me.
    I love you guys ( I only wished I didn’t discover you in the middle of my exams) 🙂

    Greetings from Belgium

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