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What is your dream film camera? This week Ryan, Tanja, and Tia talk with special guest Brent Jensen and drool over his expansive and timeless camera collection. Then the trio get to participate in a no limits shootout. Each photographer grabs a handful of cameras and starts clicking away. But there is a twist- their model is over 20 feet tall!

Join Ryan Tanya and Tia as they discover what effect cameras and lenses have on photographing the same subject with the same setting. The results are incredible.  Plus, they realize just how important it is to step out of their comfort zone.

Assistant Producer:

Ali Smith

Nena Earl


Brent Jensen – Camera Collector

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music


4 thoughts on “Episode 4

  1. It would be really awesome if they did a episode about toy cameras, T&T were saying that they take a Holga to their shoots when they were Framed…Holga and Diana are awesome.

  2. The interpretation episode was in-cred-i-ble!! The smorgasbord of gear was off the chart! Thanks for sharing brent, Brent!! And Ryan, that is truly an amazing custom large format camera! I really appreciate how the hosts honestly expressed their apprehension about using gear they were completely unfamiliar with, yet the results of their work proved quite fascinating. They really commanded the gear they used like the pros they are! A shot that stood out as a favorite of mine was one of Tanja’s, where we saw her get into a precarious prone position and capture the tombstone with the flag that was watched over by the time-weathered neighboring tree (the requirement in the photo). And… oh… what was that I saw… a wild animal in the brush? No, wait… that was Ryan! 😉 He’s a master! I intently anticipate every pro tip he offers. You just never know what’s next.

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