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Basic Shoot

This week Ryan, and Tanja, work with Tia to setup a basic editorial style shoot from start to finish; The trio scout an abandoned farm location for lighting, style hair and makeup, as well as create some awesome wardrobe. They will be working with Kat Miller and Ashley Southern, two amazing models, to create a very simple and “farm-fresh” look. With frizzy braids, and wardrobe reminiscent of Little House on the Prarie, and two gorgeous subjects- its a perfect culmination of factors.

With only one camera, one lens, and one roll of film, Ryan and Tanja show you that setting up an amazing shoot doesn’t have to be a huge production. Just a great idea, and a bit of resourcefulness will go a long way.  But can they accept the “basic” challenge without…cheating?

Assistant Producer:

Nate Perks

Tamara Kenyon-Messinger


Jeff Hess: Barn Property Owner

Mike Fitch:  Realestate agent

Nicole Bowen Klingler – True Atelier

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music


14 thoughts on “Episode 3

  1. Love, love, love how you teach and share to make this so attainable for us!! Appreciate all the time and talent and your openness with us. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more.

  2. I absolutely love these episodes and the photographers! You three are such an inspiration especially to a student photographer. I love it when you break down everything you are doing. Every single video is funny, entertaining, creative and educational. Please do not stop making videos.

  3. First of all let me say that I have almost seen all the videos and they are all pretty dope! THank you for posting this especially in the area of shooting film…I wanted to know what is the lens bellow looking think on Ryan’s Contax 645? do they make those for Mamiya 645s as well???

  4. These episodes are so inspiring. I really love this one and you guys are so chilled!
    I truly hope that there are lots of people watching these shows and you build an amazing following!

  5. First I tought “this all about film so it isn’t for me”. I’m a all digital kind of guy. But when I saw some photo’s from episode 2 I got curious. So I watched episode 2 and I’m all addicted to the show now. You guys are realy inspiring and I’m learning a lot from it. Especialy the lightwalk. Thank you for this and keep up the good work.

  6. I love your episodes, your crazyness and your fun. You inspire me and give me som happyness 🙂 i have just to wait for next friday !!
    Thank you very much !!!

  7. Awsome guys..I´ve just learned a ton from you in less than half an hour. Amazing creatives; Ryan with only 12 frames you took amazing portriats, Tia I love your approach to styling and Tanja cheated but amazing pictures and how you work with models..AND YOU ARE HOT.. keep it coming…should be more; two days a week at least. Thank you all..and you too Framednetwork.

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