Father Remakes Wedding Photos with Daughter as Tribute to His Late Wife

Father Remakes Wedding Photos with Daughter as Tribute to His Late Wife

Ali and Ben Nunery were married  in 2009. They had a great idea to have Ali’s sister Melanie Tracy Pace shoot their wedding photos in their empty house before it was furnished. The resulting photos were beautiful. Unfortunately a few years later Ali lost her battle with cancer, leaving behind her husband and young daughter. As a tribute to the memory of his late wife, Ben had a series of photos done with his daughter that were recreating the moments from their wedding day photos. The resulting images are incredibly powerful. Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.28.30 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.28.38 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.28.46 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.28.54 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.02 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.09 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.17 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.25 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.31 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.43 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.29.52 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.30.01 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.30.07 Screenshot 2013-12-17 14.30.14

Written by Ben Jacobsen


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