Live Q&A -Film Hosts & other guests! Saturday Oct 19 10:00am MDT

Live Q&A -Film Hosts & other guests! Saturday Oct 19 10:00am MDT

Join the film hosts LIVE Saturday Oct 19 10:00am MDT. Ask them questions, and have a chance to get on screen with them. Special guests will be appearing on the show, so watch live for FREE right here!

Written by Layne Boyle

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  1. Greg Pittman

    I am a huge fan of all things from FramedNetwork. I love everything you have published, but nothing more so than the Film Show, and in particular I love to hear from Ryan and Jon (sp?). It is because I so highly value the Film show that I feel compelled to offer a little bit of constructive feedback pertaining to the Spreecast Q&A between the Film show hosts.

    I couldn’t help feeling frustrated beyond measure that there wasn’t an active moderator to govern and monitor the feeds. Re: Jonas’ location: the choice to sit next to a public pool in the middle of the day adjacent to a bar seems not only a terrible idea but also profoundly disrespectful both to the viewers as well as the other hosts. The constant stream of noise and background sounds which are ever present in a public pool / bar environment caused the tire broadcast to be compromised. Now before I get flamed for being so direct, please know that I realize he was doing his best and that I am not blaming him entirely…….but someone should have Ben monitoring the feed and should have muted Jonas’ line when it became apparent that his feed was disrupting the whole of the show, rather than sacrificing the entire 60 minutes of content. To be perfectly honest, I think that he should have taken the event seriously enough to have arranged to be in a quiet room or space for the 60 minutes that it took, just as the other 3 hosts did. A moderator could have intermittently muted the audio from Jonas’ feed until he needed to respond to a question, and this would have Improved the end product exponentially.

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