Episode 9

Continuous Ringlight HDR Portrait “Alexander”.

This week Joel shows us continuous ring light HDR in the studio. Joel brings in Jessica Mion to recreate a portrait he did of Alexander Christensen. Using bracketed images, a bit of crafty post production work, and a large ring light- Joel creates some amazing images. HDR, (High Dynamic Range) images, especially portraits, have such a unique look and with advancements in post production, have become wildly popular.
Check out this week’s episode to watch Joel and Jessica create some awesome photos!





Special Thanks To:

Jessica Mion



Triple Scoop Music

Hilton Pasadena

Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. dwallace

    The video is in 1080p. There is a HD button in the playback bar. Ensure the HD is on for high quality. The Vimeo platform allows for more professional and higher quality videos. YouTube’s system is limiting and unprofessional.

  2. Brad

    Why has the picture and audio quality plummeted on your videos? Your previous content had a much higher definition, and the audio was very good. The new player is very small, and when I expand to full screen the videos are badly pixelated. The audio sounds like I’m listening to a recording of a recording. This is a disappointing turn for the otherwise great content Framed Network provides.

  3. x512

    another great episode of the show with one of my fav photographers, I am not sure if the move from youtube to a private page is a good one but at least I found my way to here and to see the new videos

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