Episode 8

“Lauren” Ultra Soft 3 Light

This week Joel brings in Lauren Amante and shows us a 3 light setup that is big, soft, and beautiful. With most of the 3 light setups we’ve seen, it creates an edgy wrap around the subject and really accentuates the figure. This week Joel pulls in two 7′ Westcott Octoboxes and a 5′ Octobox as an overhead to create a creamy glow that envelopes the model. If you don’t happen to have an army of these awesome Westcott Octo’s, check out the other options they have available, like the umbrellas that are near the same size.

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Special Thanks To:

Lauren Amante



Triple Scoop Music

Hilton Pasadena

Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. AamirFotu

    hey,u guys doin a n awsme job here,love all your episodes,just wanna get to ur notice that im unable to se Ep 9 onwards of LitUp,can see all the other stuff thou

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