Episode 3

“Kate with Headdress” Overhead Beauty Light.

Imagine if an award winning commercial photographer took 16 of his most famous images and sat down with you to teach you the techniques, tell you the story, and share exactly how he lit up those images?  THAT is precisely what Joel Grimes is going to do for you.

Beauty light is one of the hardest lighting to master because of all the skin that needs to be properly lit.  Today, Joel helps you control the shadows on the faces you’re capturing utilizing the one overhead beauty light…the beauty dish.






Jessica Mion


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Triple Scoop Music

Hilton Pasadena

Written by Melissa Niu


  1. Alex Racanelli

    Great episode Joel. Love your teaching style. Ok, so I’ve experienced your classes on Kelby Training, Photoshop World DC, and now here. Your devotion to teaching is well respected and I thank you. Love to learn…:)

  2. Jazmin

    Thanks Melissa, I found it. Although I was interested in what strobe head he was using and it just shows camera and other stuff. I am thinking of buying one light and wondered about the best one to get.

  3. visualis

    Great show, very usefull tips on how small movements make a big difference. Thanks Joel. Since I started using these techniques in my portfolio 3 months ago I allready got some commercial assignments and many more are very interested in composites on HDR. I guess I’m starting to find my audience. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge this way.
    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Onno Kemperman

  4. Davidhi

    I am getting so much from your shows. I can’t wait to adapt the techniques to my equipment to see if I can get similar results. You always have some new facts and insights that are just right for getting that killer shot. Thank you!

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