LitUp -Episode 16


This week is it. The grand finale. The last hoorah. Joel’s final stand.

That being said, Joel is bringing out the big guns and showing you just exactly what goes into the post-production process for one of his amazing composite images. He also shows some brief tips on using only non-destructive methods when making your edits. This is the one you’ve all been asking for folks, today you get to see how Joel does it!

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Triple Scoop Music

Hilton Pasadena


Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. glimpse

    Thanks Joel and Framed, this series has been absolutely fantastic! Joel your work is inspiring and you have such a great down to earth attitude to it all. Very fired up to use some of these techniques and get those personal projects going!

  2. x512

    It is good to see some of the post production work he does and some behind the scenes look of his craft in PS. I did a lot of composites but that were all 3D rendered figures in a 2D background. I really need to move one and try this with photo. Great show Joel!

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