LitUp -Episode 12

ANNJULIA.  Simulate Sunlight in Studio.

Strobes? Pish-posh! We’re replicating a star!

Studio lighting has such a distinct look as opposed to natural lighting. This week Joel shows us how to replicate a far away soft light source- the Sun. Modifiers, grids, strobes, bounces- it’s all out the window. Using a far away and high up Westcott TD-6 Spiderlight, Joel creates a studio style Sun light that bathes the model in a soft glowing light.



Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. osirisioux

    Wonderful tutorial! Only one thing, the description says no strobes are used, just a Spiderlight… The Spiderlight is in the scene, but only to light them for the video… The simulated sunlight IS created by a strobe in this video, not by the Spiderlight.

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