Film – Episode 5 – Night Shoot

A night out on the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada shooting with the Brothers Wright and using their Cinestill film.

CineStill Film 800T

Written by Layne Boyle


  1. Philippe

    Season 1 was wayyyyyyy better , seriously i would rave about it every single day , from the shooting to the production , music, Everything was soooo good , i felt like you guys were producing great stuff , and that made me buy Jan’s Workshop which btw was a disappointment ! i felt it was like the video guy shooting with his phone as he happened to be in the workshop , shaky , not enough info to be quite honest i did feel ripped off, seriously the only reason i didn’t ask for a refund is for the sake of season 1 , i loved that show , pls bring it back the way it was !
    thank you


  2. Lew

    Yeah, I have to agree with H, I am becoming very disillusioned with the episode. I am not sure what the intention of the show is now, it is sort of like the big brother tv show, with the crying and confessional. I am just waiting for someone to get voted off. I was synced last year cause I thought this was going to be a great show that gave insight and showed techniques from other film photographers, still waiting. Maybe all that stuff gets left on the cutting room floor?

  3. H

    Are there too many Chefs in the kitchen? Is that what’s going on this season? Cause I’m really disappointed. I used to look forward to watching this show but not really any more. I’m interested, but mostly I’m hoping this episode will be better… And it’s not happening. And the work coming from the hosts is … Ok. Are they not getting the time to work? Seems like a lot of people running around all around those guys! Why so many people!? WTF!? 1 make-up artist, 4 photographers – that’s all anyone is interested in. Let those people work. That’s all!
    Anyway… There are no comments. I wonder why?

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