Film – Episode 4 – Valley of Fire

Muscles meet fashion in the Valley of Fire.

Written by Layne Boyle


  1. Mark Q

    I think I have enjoyed this episode the most this season. I noticed some were bothered by religious references but it is part of WHO you are not WHAT you do. If you are being true to yourself it will come out in your words and deeds.

    I don’t always need to LEARN something, it is often just fun to see what others are doing and be inspired by their creativity – even if you think “That’s nice, I would have done it a different way” There is always a “Next right answer” in photography.
    Thank You for all you do.

    1. Matthew

      Lew, I think the idea here is to show the results that you can get with film, in order to sell workshops that show you how. To actually learn some basic strategies for shooting/metering/etc., you need to spend $49. I can’t blame these guys for wanting to monetize the series. This wasn’t a cheap production, but I’m guessing that Ryan, Jan, Tanya, etc. didn’t get paid much to do it (although many photographers would gladly take payment in free film and processing). Anyway, each photographer has a particular way of doing things (a kind of intellectual property). And many people like to know how ‘celebrity photographers’ do things. That said, I have a feeling that the methods that one would learn from these videos can be found easily by reading a few blogs, where the same information is given freely. Whether or not those blogs have Ryan’s personality is another matter.

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