Film – Episode 2 – Post War Science

Overall plot: Ryan has his dreams come true by photographing Hunter Burgan from AFI and his clothing line. The team shows how they shoot and work for a retail client while shooting for Hunter’s clothing line, Post War Science.

Written by Daniel Wallace


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  2. Dom

    Fantastic that the episodes are so long! The amount of people there is scary. Im really hoping the next episodes will be more gear/technique and basically film-related.

    Thank you for producing these, they are really appreciated!

  3. Haby

    Agree about the voice over thing. And so much of it!! Holy talking about yourself. Thankful for Jonas – quick, thoughtful, done.
    With others, my eyes were just glazing over.

  4. SEANS

    Inspiring and intriguing as always. More detailed praise to come soon.

    Quick critique :(

    not nuts about the voiceovers with video including other people talking with no audible words. Seems like errors until you realize (time and again) it is intentional

    1. jameswashing10

      I thought the exact same thing! First, i thought that the audio was way off. Then I thought that the video footage started over while the audio was still chugging along. Finally, i just blamed it on my old laptop and rebooted. Good to know that it was intentional.

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