Episode 8

Richard Photo Lab

Having your film processed for most of us means once you’re done with the roll, you wind it, put it back in a canister, and send it off and you receive back beautiful images. But have you ever wondered what happens between those two times?
Well today RyanTanja , and Tia get to go on an exclusive behind the scenes tour with one of the best lab’s in the world; Richard Photo Lab. Find out why it’s so important to use a professional lab over a drug store lab, and see what makes RPL one of the world leaders in film photography processing!

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Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music

Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. flatblackphoto

    WOW… what a great episode this was. I loved it !!! Sending my next rolls there for sure :) It’s awesome to see people who have such passion for making great art.

  2. joshgruetz

    Thank you for this episode! As a new film shooter, the whole sending it off to the lab sort of scares me. It’s not knowing what happens at the lab is scary though. This episode was super comforting to see that these guys at RPL care about what they are doing at each step of the process as much as I do. Cheers!

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