FILM -Episode 16

Giving Back

This week, Ryan, Tanja, & Tia go to spread their talent and put it to use where it sometimes is most needed. Many times many people get caught up with thoughts of how glamorous and disconnected photography can seemingly be- today we visit City Light Women’s Home in Boise; a safe haven for women and children. Ryan, Tanja, and Tia really get to know some genuinely amazing families with some gut-wrenching stories. They also wrap up the season as a whole and realize the things they’ve learned and what is next…

Assistant Producers:

Jolene Grizzle

Gretchen Nishitani

Tamara Kenyon Messinger

Special Thanks:

City Light Home for Women and Children

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music



Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. Jeff Ng

    Hi all,
    I am a photographer from Hong Kong,
    I do love all those works from you guys. I can’t help but keep watching all episodes. It does inspire me – to be myself and just fellow my heart!’

    Thanks a lot!

  2. avenida78

    This made me so happy!! Such a wonderful and beautiful group of souls. Goes to show you that each day is truly a new day full of new choices. And love is the center of every happiness. Fav episode yet!

  3. foreverimagesfotography

    I view things like this as leaving a footprint for future generations to follow. Great work. Looking forward to the next season. Would love to come sit under these three and soak up some great words of wisdom.

  4. Francois

    It’s nice to have a photography show that doesn’t sound like an infomercial.

    But I was just thinking, with all the goofing around that goes on during the filming of a show like that, it would be fun to have an outtakes and bloopers episode :-)

  5. Jonathan Desmond

    I watched almost all the episodes and I have to say that my wife and I have gained not just technical aspects of film photography but just perspective of photography in general. Thank you Framed Network and to all who made this show possible! Hoping for a Season II!

  6. LHlite

    AWESOME EXPERIENCE! I watched all 16 episodes in two days! As a film photographer for 25 years, moving to digital for five years and now back to what I know and love which is film. Your episodes confirmed my struggles of going back to simple and the basics. I was also honored to know people are people the world over especially as photographers with the so many similar struggles and thanks to your endeavors you’ve brought love back as the main focus of people photography. THANK-YOU TIA, TANJA & RYAN AND FRAMEDNETWORK.COM!

  7. MatMatson

    This was such a great season. My fridge is full of film again and my Leica is beggin me for a shoot. Thanks for all the great episodes. It was the best inspiring videos i ever found on the web. Please, please produce another season. Hope to cu.

  8. sarahsmiles57

    Hey, this is Sarah!!!! The Episode turned out so wonderfully. The kids wanted me to extend their gratitude for such an awesome and fun experience. I thank you for capturing some of our story and showing people that even though they may fall….one can rise up and beat the negative cicumstances in their lives. I heard a quote a few months ago and it has become one of my favorites, “When life brings you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray.” God Bless you and thanks again for the incredible opportunity, it truly is a pleasure to be your friend:)

  9. che carina

    loved every episode and so sad to see it end. thanks for inspiring me for the last 3 and a half months. thanks to ryan, tanja and tia for making me learn, laugh and cry. hope to see you guys back for another season!

  10. ChelseyLeBlanc

    I can’t believe it’s over. What am I going to watch every friday now? hahaha.

    I’ve learned so much and become so inspired by this season and these people. I have to say thank you to Ryan, Tanja and Tia (and Jan too!!) because they are truly beautiful and wonderful people who have inspired me in so many ways to continue to grow, and never stop improving.

    ……so, when’s season two!? Bring it on! I’m ready! (:

  11. clwhitcomb

    This episode was both gut wrenching and heart warming all at the same time. I don’t think I stopped crying either from sadness and horror to joy of knowing these beautiful people have escaped the evils that have plagued them. Thank you for bringing the human experience back to front of everything we do in life. What an incredible way to finish the first (of many) season of “film” …thank you!

  12. djo911

    I look forward to your show each week, the journey that you all have shared throughout the series has been an inspiration, touching the soul at times and showing some of the greater story that we all share in, we just need to slow down sometimes and listen. Ryan, it’s great to see that you now see purpose in your life and you can express that in your art. Well done guys, hope we’ll see you again next season!

  13. ianboys

    Well in the process of this show you’ve inspired me to put a bunch of film through my Rolleiflex, improved my posing and direction skills, inspired me to shoot a story like you guys in Episode 7 and much more.

    Now you surpassed yourselves in this episode. Well, it’s a challenge for us too I guess. Let’s see what we can do.

  14. xenotar28

    Thank you Tanja, Tia, Ryan and Jan. You have all enriched my life and my view of the world with your irrepressible personalities. You have taught me one or two things technically, but mostly that the process is so much better when you make it enjoyable. Though I shoot digital, I have a Rolleiflex begging for film and a chance to show off. I will, thanks to you, who constantly proved that instant feedback is not necessarily best. I will continue to search for your work in the net. Hasta luego, mis amigos! :-)

  15. sleipnir

    THANK YOU for this episode and the whole fantastic season! This is emotional education for adults at its best, your show goes straight to the heart.
    I hope you all will return next season!

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