FILM -Episode 12

The Kids Challenge

After photographing some of the most talented and exotic models in Europe, the last thing that Jan Scholz is accustomed to shooting is kids. Which is precisely why we rounded up a few groups of young’ins loaded with sugar and let them loose to romp around in the foothills of Boise. The group each take some turns shooting some of the kids as they play.

We assure you, watching Jan try to keep up with these balls of energy is well worth the watch!

Special Thanks:

Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music

Written by Ben Jacobsen


  1. Tanja Lippert

    @FlexibleVision- not sure about the gear list, and I am not sure about the images by Jan and Ryan, but the images that I took on this show were not digitally modified other than a few highlight and darken adjustments made in lightroom if needed.

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