Episode 16

Episode 16

Lets face it, photographers are everywhere. The cameras are so incredible now days that it’s easy to think that we can run a fantastic business, take amazing photos, and charge pennies for hard work. It’s so easy to follow the trends of what “the other guy” is doing and we lose focus on learning simple business tactics or expanding our creativity. Outside the Softbox is an educational discussion or tutorial with various artists that help us all think “outside the box” when dealing with our photos, creative light or our photography business.

As we wind down to our season finale of [FRAMED], we thought we’d end our Outside the Softbox series with a tribute to the time and expertise each of our artists have given and shared with each of us. Sal Cincotta, Tyler Cazier, and Tri-Digital Group, we appreciate all you’ve given to the series.

Written by Melissa Niu

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