Episode 12

[JOHN KEATLEY] Advertising & Editorial Portraiture.

John Keatley didn’t find photography, it seemed to find him. Utilizing his love of humor and sense of comedy, Keatley found his honest approach and artistic style. John settled in Seattle by way of northern California, trading steady sunshine for sun-breaks. By starting his work at a local media group, he found himself taking photos of some of the most prestigious business professionals and biggest celebrity names in the industry. One close to our photography home, the one and only Annie Liebovitz. But that’s just the beginning of his long list of names to add to his extraordinary resume.

John specializes in advertising and editorial portrait photography but has spent time worldwide with his incredible charitable work. Even though he has worked with big names and possesses an extraordinary talent, his down to earth nature and giving-back stance makes us admire him even more.

Photographer: John Keatley


blog: www.keatleyphoto.com

Twitter: @johnkeatley
Facebook: www.facebook.com/keatley

Pro Retoucher: Gigantic Squid

Ian Goode

Written by Melissa Niu

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