Episode 11

[AMANDA ANDREWS & LAURA FARRIS] Newborn Photography. 

You wouldn’t think that a brand new baby would be a difficult subject to photograph. They’re sweet, cuddly, and oh-so tiny. But what we come to find out is that babies, most definitely, are some of the most difficult subjects to shoot. After all, they cry, they wiggle, they fuss and if you’re lucky, they’ll soil your shirt or a blanket..or two.

These two talented ladies, who specialize in newborn photography, have teamed up to show us the art of calming, soothing, and relaxing a baby to capture that picture of perfection.


Laura Farris www.laurafarrisphotography.com

Find Laura on Facebook here

Amanda Andrews www.amandaandrewsphotography.com

Find Amanda on Facebook here

Written by Melissa Niu

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