Episode 1

The History of Imaging.

History never smelled so awesome. This week Ryan, Tanja, and Tia talk with photographers Matt McDaniel and Travis Lovell about the roots of photography and camera systems. Travis Lovell is a professor at Utah Valley University and very knowledgeable in the history of what is now modern day photography.
Learn how photography came about, and the roots of why it’s so easy to duck-face in front of the mirror now. The crew then dives into some wet plate photography using collodian, silver, and grain alcohol- what could go wrong?

Special Guest: Matt McDaniel and Travis Lovell

Hosts: Ryan Muirhead

Tanja Lippert

Tia Reagan


Richard Photo Lab


B&H Photo Video

Triple Scoop Music

Written by Melissa Niu


  1. callsign-oldman

    Cooling Unit at Millersville University in PA. One of my very first projects in my college photography course. Shot on Kodak TMAX ISO 400 film using a Canon Rebel T2 at f/16 at 125

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