Before there was Photoshop…

Before there was Photoshop…

It seems that before there was photoshop—like in 1875—photographers used what they called “Trick Photography” to manipulate photographs to seem impossibly real. (And as you can see from the first photo.. it only cost $1.25!) Take a look at these photos and be amazed, or curious, as to how the effects were achieved. Also, there are just some other interesting, old photos in here… enjoy! (1)


(An invaluable tome, 1902)




(A tourist’s photograph from Cairo, 1880)


(Gustaf Edman, Giant from Gotländ, 1906)


(Up in the air)




(Potatoes grow big in Iowa, 1908)


(Off for the fair! F.D Conrad)




(A 3D image of the spirit of Christmas invading a household, 1897)


(George Eastman House Collection from 1875)

Written by Melissa Niu


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